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Make a Fresh Start with a mortgage to suit divorcees

05 November 2008

Yorkshire Building Society Building Society promotion
Sort your post-split living arrangements with the help of the mortgage experts at Yorkshire Building Society.

The end of a relationship can be a complicated, confusing and upsetting time, especially if a shared home, possessions and children are involved. There’s a lot to sort out and, if you don’t quite know where to start, it’s hard to know who to turn to for help and advice first.

That’s why Yorkshire Building Society has launched Fresh Start – a special service for people starting afresh post-split who need to review their living arrangements and perhaps set up a new home.

The service is primarily about helping you finance a new home, but it also offers access to independent experts and professionals who will be able to help you deal with the wider aspects of your situation.

A mortgage to match your needs
It’s often the case in relationships that one person takes charge of the financial arrangements and, if that’s person is not you, once the relationship is over you can be left feeling vulnerable and unsure about what to do regarding your finances.
If this is you, don’t worry. Fresh Start has been designed especially to offer as much support as you need and YBS’s qualified mortgage advisers are on hand to give you face-to-face reassurance and help if you have any questions or queries regarding your mortgage.

Even if you’re totally confident about dealing with your finances, YBS can help take the stress out of choosing a mortgage by talking you through a range to “best buys” to choose from.

“We’ve even developed special new mortgage products specifically for Fresh Start, catering for the fact that you may need to minimise your monthly mortgage payments until you find your feet,” said David Jackson, Head of Ecommerce and Channel Integration.

Expert help and advice
As well as all the help you may need, with Fresh Start you also gain access to a range of independent experts who will help you with some of the non-financial aspects of your situation.

Referral to a specialist legal adviser

If you are getting divorced, have children or simply have joint assets and obligations that need to separated, then you’ll need some legal advice in addition to that involved in buying your home.

YBS can provide contact details for a family law practitioner in your local area that belongs to Resolution. “If you take one of our mortgages with cash back, you could use this money to help meet your legal costs,” said Jackson. 

Access to professional counselling
The end of a relationship can be traumatic and having someone to talk to can be a big help – especially if that person is qualified to listen.

Take out a Fresh Start mortgage and YBS will give you a voucher offering access to a professional advice service provided by an independent firm of counsellors. As well as receiving specialist literature to read at your leisure, there’s also a telephone helpline available, through which you can get practical advice and information on a range of related topics, from dealing with your emotions to advice on relocating to a new area.

You’ll also qualify for three face-to-face sessions about relationship breakdown with a qualified counsellor who will help you work through your feelings and any problems you face.

These services are completely independent and confidential and are completely optional so you can use them as and when you need them*.
*Terms and conditions apply.

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